Project Haven is a Tactical Turn-Based game with Role Playing elements currently being developed for PC. 

The game takes place in a fictional post-apocalyptic near-future scenario, where several events left most of the world bare. Now, thirty six million people live in a domed city ruled by a corporate plutocracy. While outside is a wasteland, it's on the inside that society struggles, to maintain its humanity.

The player commands the Steel Dragons, a motley crew of mercenaries devoted to making money and survive in a city where the ‘haves’ have it all and the ‘have nots’ are thrown the scraps. In a city where crime is relative to who is committing it. The ‘law’ is established by the rich and inflicted upon the poor so that the barriers with Haven City, both social and geographical, remain firmly in place.


  • Tactical turn-based role-playing game for PC
  • Free movement and free aiming
  • Stealth and cover systems
  • Story-driven campaign with fully voiced cinematics
        – Single Player or up to 4 Players Online Co-op
  • Skirmish Mode:
        – Randomly generated maps
        – Player vs Player, Player vs AI, Co-op vs AI
  • Memorable voiced characters with different stats and personalities
  • Mod Support
  • And much more!