Command your mercenaries in post-apocalyptic urban environment and uncover a world-changing conspiracy.


  • Lead the Steel Dragons, a motley mercenary group that takes whatever jobs they can get to make ends meet.
  • Choose from two different levels of difficulty.
  • Play alone or with friends in this co-op tactical turn-based role-playing game for PC with free movement and free aiming
  • Fight different factions, each with their own tactics. Make friends and enemies throughout the game.
  • Use stealth and cover systems to your advantage
  • Story-driven campaign with fully voiced cinematics
        – Single Player or up to 4 Players Online Co-op
  • Skirmish Mode:
        – Randomly generated maps
        – Player vs Player, Player vs AI, Co-op vs AI
  • Memorable voiced characters with different stats and personalities
  • Achievements. Up to the challenge?
  • Different scenarios/cultural backgrounds/slumburbs vs city center.
  • Level up. Unlock skills, abilities.
  • Uncover conspiracy.
  • Mod Support
  • Industrial/Cyberpunk soundtrack.
  • And much more!


  • Co-Op Tactical Turn Based Game
  • Memorable voiced characters (story)
  • Sci-fi/Cyberpunk (style, theme)


  • Visual: visually pleasing scenarios and characters capture the player’s interest by being distinct from the others titles in the genre
  • Story: 
  • Mature:


Project Haven is a Tactical Turn-Based game with Role Playing elements.


The game takes place in a fictional post-apocalyptic near-future scenario, where several events left most of the world bare. Now, thirty six million people live in a domed city ruled by a corporate plutocracy. While outside is a wasteland, it's on the inside that society struggles, to maintain its humanity.

 The player commands the Steel Dragons, a motley crew of mercenaries devoted to making money and survive in a city where the ‘haves’ have it all and the ‘have nots’ are thrown the scraps. In a city where crime is relative to who is committing it. The ‘law’ is established by the rich and inflicted upon the poor so that the barriers with Haven City, both social and geographical, remain firmly in place.


Our target platform is PC and the game will be available for WindowsMac OSX and Linux.


The main target of Project Haven will be turned-based fans, but the existence of RPG elements and the co-op features could also attract a wider audience. People that also like sci-fi settings or Asian culture will also be interested in Project Haven’s setting and theme.

Project Haven is expected to receive a Pegi 18 rating, suitable for ages 18 and older, for the use of violence, bad language, drugs and sexual references.


This is where you present a story synopsis, and discuss how the story will unfold as the player makes his or her way through the game. Include information on the key characters in the game, including descriptions, abilities, characteristics, how they fit into the story, how they affect gamplay, what the player will learn from them, etc.

At first, our player will need to take whatever job is going. As they do well, those jobs will become more varied and more lucrative. In one instance they might be working for the Chinese gang Five Generals, shutting down an upstart neo-opium den. In another instance they may be working for the Japanese gang Syndicate, executing a weapons heist against the Russian Brotherhood.

And after a while, the player will see a pattern forming. Links between key figures in the Syndicate, Five Generals and Brotherhood to the aloof and mighty Board of Directors. However, the deeper the player digs, the more attention they will draw from the Board of Directors. 

What will the player do when he founds him or herself too deep in a conspiracy involving such powerful characters?


There are 3 game modes: Campaign (Single or Co-Op), Skirmish (PVP and PVE) and Haven War.

The game can be played at three different difficulty levels: Easy, Normal and Hard.

There’s also an Hardcore option that can be turned on on any level. With the Hardcore option on, there is no ability to save or reload games and the death of a squad member is permanent.


  • Missions
  • The game features an isometric 3D camera view.
  • Inside each combat mission the player controls the squad of selected mercenaries in order to fight enemies and achieve the mission goals.
  • Character attributes, gear and weapons affect how a mercenary performs.
  • Fog of war that hides enemy movements.
  • Mercenaries can take cover behind objects and use stealth to gain different levels of protection.
  • Each mercenary gain experience points according to how well they performed in battles, but if they don't surivive a combat they must be hospitalized and the player must wait for they recover.


There are 16 playable mercenaries, whom the player control as their leader. The player can use up to four mercenaries per mission at a time. As their leader, the player directs their soldiers in combat missions against enemies.


Each mercenary has a unique personality and relationship with other characters, which can be seen through dialogues and barks.


Each mercenary have 6 attributes: Constitution, Strength, Agility, Marksmanship, Tech and Wisdom. Each attribute can be increased by leveling up.

Specialization Skills

A mercenary also has a set of specialization skills: Handgun, Shotgun, SMG, Assault Rifle, LMG, Sniper Rifle, Light Armor, Heavy Armor, Resilience, Endurance, Melee, Explosives, Medical, Hacking, Stealth and Perception. Each specialization can be increased by leveling up and by using that specific skill.

Unique Skills

Besides the attributes and specializations each mercenary starts with one unique skill.

Secondary Attributes

Secondary attributes can be derived from a mercenary main attributes as well as their specializations skills. Some of the secondary attributes are: Maximum Carried Weight, Maximum Health, Maximum Action Points, Stamina, Movement Cost, Morale, Interruption Resistance, Suppression Tolerance, Visual Perception, Audio Perception, Noise Level.


During combat a mercenary can be Undetected, Detected, Wounded, Bleeding, Stunned, Interrupted, Suppressed, Panicking, Cowering, Fatigued, Down and Unconscious.


The headquarters is the base of operations for the Steel Dragon's mercenaries. In there, the player can manage the Steel Dragon's resources and control which mission to engage in.

It provides a map over the city as well as the data base with all gathered information and lore.

It is also where the player takes care of each mercenary, by managing their inventory, check the ones that are hospitalized mercenaries, but also get insights from the Steel Dragon's members,


Discuss the levels. How many levels will the game have, what will be included in each level. Include overall look and feel, hazards the level presents, difficulty, objectives, etc. 

Over 5 Acts, the Steel Dragons are going to discover the truth about Project Haven. By that time they will have explored Haven City and learned enough about its people and understand what's at risk. But they will also understand the brutal pragmatism of the decision that was made by the Haven Founders.

Over the course of our 5 Acts, we will raise our players awareness of Haven’s many issues through smaller but personal missions. We want the player to feel that we can it's possible to make a difference one person at a time. These Personal Missions are focused on solving a situation for one person or a small group of people, such as a family, cultural clique or small business. These missions or short mission series (up to three linked missions) can be offered by NPCs or by Mercenaries.

There's going to be around a total of 50 hours of gameplay spreaded out by 50 main missions and 35 side missions.

Types of Missions

  • Eliminate Threat
  • Defend Location
  • Search and Collect
  • Protect and Escort VIP
  • Stealth Missions
  • Timed Missions


We are a small independent game studio based in Seixal, Portugal.