We are currently developing Project Haven, a tactical turn-based role-playing game with sci-fi elements mixed with Asian aesthetic.

This game takes place in a fictional post-apocalyptic near-future scenario, where several events left most of the world bare. What’s left of the world population is now concentrated under a plasma shielded city named Haven. In this broken and unfair society, the player takes the role of the leader of a group of mercenaries that take whatever jobs they can get to make ends meet. 

Key Features

  • Tactical turn-based role-playing game 
  • Free movement and free aiming 
  • Stealth and cover systems 
  • Storyline driven campaign: 
    ♦ Single Player or up to 4 Players Online Co-op 
  • Skirmish Mode: 
    ♦ Randomly generated maps 
    ♦ Player vs Player, Player vs AI, Co-op vs AI 
  • Several different characters for hire with different stats and personalities 
  • Asian themed sci-fi